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At Colorado Auto Service we know muffler repair. Whether you have a muffler clamp that's rattling around, or you want a custom cat/back solution, we can handle it.

With our trained technicians and custom pipe bending capability, we can perform muffler repair on just about every make and model car.

How an exhaust system works

From the engine to the catalytic converter

It all starts at the engine. As your car runs, it generates exhaust gases that are handled by your car's exhaust system. An exhaust manifold connects exhaust pipes to your car's engine, allowing the exhaust gases from the engine to flow to the rear of your car. Right away we come across the oxygen sensor which helps your car to burn fuel efficiently. Then the gases reach the catalytic converter. The converter is built out of several types of metals that, combined with the heat of the exhaust, convert a lot of the more harmful gases like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into less harmful carbon dioxide and water vapor. If your catalytic converter isn't working properly, you can see the service light or environmental light warning on your dashboard come on. Our muffler repair service handles catalytic converter replacement. A working catalytic converter goes a long way to a better enviroment.

The Muffler

The muffler quiets the noise of the engine. There are two kinds of mufflers. One uses baffled chambers to reduce noise. As sound waves move through this type of muffler, they bounce off the baffles and expend their energy inside the muffler, losing force and volume. The other type forces the exhaust straight through a perforated pipe that contains metal, fiberglass, or some other kind of sound-absorbing material. This muffler is designed to reduce back pressure (exhaust going back up the pipes) and consequently makes a little more noise. Our muffler repair service keeps your car quite, or if you want your engine to growl, we can install the perfect muffler to keep your car quiet enough while still able to turn heads.

The Resonator

The resonator is not present on every exhaust, and when it is present it can be found before or after the muffler itself. Essentially the resonator is a mini-muffler that's filled with sound absorbing materials to keep your car quiet. Our muffler repair service can fix rusted-out resonators.

Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust pipe is used to connect the different parts of your exhaust together. Especially in the U.P., with all the salt they put down on the roads in the winter, a common issue is a rusted-out exhaust pipe that allows exhaust to escape and bypass the muffler, catalytic coverter, etc. Our muffler repair service removes bad sections of exhaust pipe.

Tail Pipe

The tail pipe serves to direct the gases away from your car. For added decoration they can be chromed. Our muffler repair service can handle any tail pipe on the market, and tail pipe tips can be installed over your tail pipe to give your car a great look.

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