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Regardless of what type of Air Conditioning problem you have, will get it fixed right, and fast. However, keep in mind that we’re not just saying these words to get your business – we back up our service with several industry-leading guarantees.

Potentially one of the most costly auto A/C repairs is when you have to replace the A/C compressor. If you're facing that situation now, it's really important that you understand all the steps that must be followed in order to do the job properly and get warranty on your replacement compressor. Keep in mind that the 'steps' we talk about apply to either new or remanufactured compressors, so there is no difference. You will also find this information of interest if you're having the work completed by a service shop (or if you're shopping for a service shop). We'll try to eliminate all the technical terms to make it easier to understand. What's really important to understand before you start is that the A/C system is just that... it's a system! That means it's only as good as the weakest link. It also means that all the components in the system must work together.

    Let's start by understanding what happens when the A/C compressor fails and how it effects the different parts of the system. We will detail the functions of these various parts and also explain how a blown or seized A/C compressor can effect them. That way you'll have a real good understanding of how to go about the replacement of the compressor or be able to better understand what the service shop may be trying to explain. Remember, we're going to keep the technical jargon out so it's going to be easy to follow, ok? To start, remember that the A/C system is a sealed system. When a compressor fails (usually because of the lack of oil flow to the compressor) the internal parts of the compressor 'break up' and are pushed throughout several parts of the system. This contaminates the system and those parts. Before replacing the compressor, several other A/C parts have to be checked or changed


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